Quality, delivered


Traditionally, quality was dependent on the QA department to test for errors. But it is not up to QA to test if Customer Requirements have been met. We follow an adaptation of the Agile methodology where testing occurs continuously and is the responsibility of everyone.

There is no magic to delivering high quality to the customer – it takes a dedicated team, the correct methodology and an environment that is striving to Continuously Improve.

There are some things that need to be done to deliver a product that meets customer expectations.

Firstly, Understand the needs

By understanding what our customers want, we can write this into a specification to avoid any confusion or inconsistencies amongst our team or the customer.

Regular briefings

Regular meetings within the team to ensure that the project is on track and on time. Meetings are also held with the customer to provide updates. These may be face to face or online. These are usually kept brief.

After Delivery

The checkback after delivery is a great way to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product and is a great way to monitor customer satisfaction with regards to product quality and provides our team with the opportunity to rectify any issues. Our staff are well-trained and understand how to make a checkback as genuine as possible, so that customers will feel they can be honest if they are unhappy.

Knowledge Base

Everything we learn in terms of things we do well and things that can be improved on, goes into a Knowledge Base. This knowledge is accessed on future projects and added to continuously.