Small but talented


We are a small but talented team. Traditionally, development is kept separate, whether it is Front end, Back end or UX (User Experience) development.

Our team have people with these disciplines, but it is part of the ethos for everyone to accumulate and develop expertise from the other disciplines, so that everyone has a better understanding of the Big Picture, but also so that everyone’s contribution and ideas are valid and appreciated.

This will result in a high-quality development team better able to meet any technical challenge and better equipped to produce high quality output for the client.

There are four aspects which form the foundation of the team, which we refer to as QTIP.

Q for Quality of our output.

This is absolutely non-negotiable for us and will explain the lengths we go to, sometimes verging on OCD and the huge amount of testing, to ensure that if there is a flaw, let it be picked up before it is delivered.

T for Time.

It is an absolute must for us that Projects go according to plan and even sub-parts of a plan such as deliverables and milestones. Although it is a flexible and light-hearted environment, everyone is focused on time and dates. There is a collective push to ensure these are met.

I for Integrity.

Integrity in how we deal with clients and providers. Every one of us in the team has made an assurance that we will provide and demand the highest standards of ethical behaviour. Any deviation from this, individually or collectively is completely unacceptable.

P is for Price.

We have lower overheads compared to many others. We ensure that we are not beaten on price. Using Continuous Improvement tools and strategies, we attempt to make each project that little bit more cost-efficient and able to pass on this cost effectiveness to the customer.