What is Digital Transformation and what are the benefits?


The importance of a business to be able to digitize its functions was critical during the pandemic last year.

There is confusion or a lack of understanding about the terms Digitisation, Digitalisation and Digital Transformation.

Digitisation basically refers to converting the information contained in physical objects and attributes into a digital representation. For instance, scanning a document and saving it as a picture. Digitization is the primary step that links the physical world to software. Digitalisation is generally the next phase after digitisation since it implies leveraging digitized information and technologies to enhance processes. It is taking those single digitisation actions such as using digital scans into a process and linking processes together.

Digital transformation is the highest level of change as it alters the way of business operation. The concept refers to the entire business transformation empowered by digitalisation. This process embraces all areas of your business, from internal systems to customer communication. It changes the whole culture of your organisation.