It all starts with a chat


The initial meeting to discuss your project can be conducted over a coffee, by phone or on Zoom, whichever you are most comfortable with.

This initial meeting will form one of four steps in Starting your project with us.

Initial meeting with the Client

You will get to meet one of our Business owners and a Project Manager. We can discuss your project and identify the project’s objectives and outcomes, such as the motivation and reason for the project, the target audience and anything else that we can glean, to get a ‘flavour’ for the project.

Trident Functional meeting

Once we have ensured that the objectives are achievable, we can analyse the project requirements in greater detail.

By looking at the functional elements of the project and dividing it into logical and manageable iterations, an approximate schedule for project completion can be devised.

Once this has been achieved, a Trident Planning meeting takes place.

Trident Planning meeting

We hold a Planning meeting where we divide the whole project into stages. Each stage is broken down further into specific iterations. Each iteration is a specific part of the functionality. A Project plan is devised to ensure the paths within a project and its timescales.

After this comes a Trident Technical meeting.

Trident Technical meeting

The Trident team will discuss the technical aspects of the client’s required functionality. The team will discuss how the various functions are to be built and decide on the most efficient and reliable method.